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Ejaculate Responsibly: A whole new way to think about abortion by Gabrielle Blair

A picture of the book cover of Ejaculate Responsibly: A whole new way to think about abortion by Gabrielle Blair

Buy it!

Read it!

Give it to all the ejaculating men you know!

I read many books for work, and this will be my first book review post because the joy I find in the pages of this book is indescribable.

In a no-nonsense, matter-of-fact way, Gabrielle Blair lays out the most explicit argument for sexual responsibility I've ever seen. Any feminist worth their salt knows that abortion and health care for women is not only a women's issue. Some of us have even been screaming from the rafters about vasectomies and condom use for a while now. The validation I feel when reading this book is the best of the best feelings!

The book is full of exciting chapter headings like Men Are 50 Times More Fertile Than Women, Women Can Be Impregnated Without Experiencing Pleasure, or my personal favorite, Men Cause All Unwanted Pregnancies.

If you feel defensive, this is a book you need to read. The author hears your defensiveness and provides guidance to help move you through the facts. Truthfully, this is an empowerment book for ejaculating men. It lists all the amazing things a penis owner can do and the power of their sperm. Who doesn't want to be told their body is amazing!?

A special note for parents raising boys who will eventually become ejaculating men, RUN to buy this book. The societal ship driven by patriarchy will not turn with the current men in power; we need to educate boys to ejaculate responsibly starting yesterday!

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