The Human Sexuality Community Workshop (HumSexComm) is an intensive workshop for folks 18 years and older that aims to create a respectful and open environment for participants to validate their experiences, challenge their ideas, and learn with and from others.

Evolving from the student-led courses at UC Berkeley and Brown University, and the experimental FemSexComm out of San Francisco; HumSexComm seeks to bring the values of empowerment, diversity, and allyship to a space outside of the university and city settings.

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HumSexComm encourages exploration of identities, boundaries, desires, experiences, power, and privilege through the lens of sexuality. This work will be done through group discussions, activities, and individual exercises. The facilitator will guide participants to develop informed relationships with themselves and to build ally relationships with others. HumSexComm promotes intentionality, agency, informed decision-making, and consent in all areas of life.

Workshop Fee

Tickets are offered on a sliding scale to encourage a diverse range of participants. You are able to best determine your financial ability and we encourage folks who can afford Tier 1 to do so. Please contact us if the cost is a difficulty and we can discuss payment options.

Longer 15 week course (online):
Syllabus available soon
Tier 1: $475.00
Tier 2: $325.00
Tier 3: $225.00
Tier 4: $145.00

Shorter 8 week course (in-person):
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Tier 1: $280.00
Tier 2: $175.00
Tier 3: $80.00

After you have submitted your application you will receive an email with directions on how to pay, scheduling information, and your first set of exercises.