Birds and Bees’ positive sex coaching offers a safe space for un-shaming through informative and celebratory guidance.

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There are several coaching services, online or in person, to meet your needs. Book a free, 15 minute Consultation to meet our sex coach and learn more about the services available.

Individual Session (1 hour)

A session includes education, coaching, and support for your sexual needs. Our sex coach starts at your baseline, without judgment or expectation, and provides guidance to enhance your sexual life dependent on your desires, needs, and requests.

  • $65 per session
  • $205 for a package of 4 sessions
  • Available online or in-person

Partner Session (1.5 hours)

These sessions include the same elements as an individual session, with the addition of another partner or partners. This is group work to learn, explore, listen, and share between partners their sexual needs, desires, hopes, and requests.

  • $105 per session
  • $45 for each additional partner after 3
  • $395 for a package of 4 sessions
  • Available online or in-person

Personal Shopper (45 minutes)

This service is for guidance with the purchase and use of sex toys for an individual or partners. In a session our sex coach offers education about toys, suggested toys based on the client’s desires, help with making a purchase, and we can have it shipped to the office for discreet pickup.

  • $25 per session
  • Cost of toys, etc. if using Birds and Bees as the purchaser

Online Dating Profile (45 minutes)

Are you using online dating sites? Would you like some help creating or refining your profile? In this session our sex coach offers tips, editing, and guidance to create an honest profile that helps you stand out from the crowd and highlights the best of you.

  • $25 per session

Business Coaching

The field of sexuality is a growing and vibrant space for businesses. It also presents unique, and at times formidable, challenges to creating and launching a business. Birds and Bees Business Coaching offers logistical support and mentorship from start to launch and beyond.

  • $85, Individual Session (1 hour)
  • $1500, Daily Sessions for One Month
  • $2900, 45 Sessions (1 hour)

To learn more about Business Coaching please review the full and detailed menu of services.

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*Please note this is not a performative or physical form of sex coaching, rather an education and supportive coaching where all participants remain fully clothed with no intimate touching between coach and client. Thank you.